Omerto vichyssoise

By Pascal  

January 22, 2018

This recipe was create by Regis Barthe from the restaurant La Bouche des Goûts (Auberge L'Estampille à Baie-St-Paul). Thank you!


11.Wash and slice the leeks, chop the garlic, peel and cut in to dices the potatoes.

22.Steam in the butter without coloring: the leeks and garlic.

33.Add 2 liters of water, then the potato dice. finally add cream and milk. Season.

44.Leave, making sure that nothing sticks to the bottom.

55.When the potatoes are cooked, mix everything to obtain a smooth preparation and a velvety appetizer.

66. Add at the time of serving 20 ml of soft Omerto to the liter of Vichyssoise, croutons and finely chopped lamb chops ... .. Bon appétit!

7NOTE: Vichyssoise is a thick soup, made of potato and leeks, with cream too. It is traditionally served cold, but can also be eaten hot (especially in a cold Quebec!)


80 g of butter

4 Peeks (green & white)

3 garlic gloves chopped finely

3 large potatoes cut in to dices

20 ml Soft Omerto

250 ml of milk

400 ml of cream