Rabbit in Omerto Aged in Acacia Casks

By Sylvie  

May 4, 2017

Pascal Miche - www.omerto.com


Serves 4 - Preparation

1Marinate rabbit, dried mushrooms and Omerto ½ sec for 12 hours in refrigerator, covered.


1In large saucepan, melt shallot in butter until soft; add marinated mushrooms and cook until tender.

2Sautée rabbit in a casserole dish until golden on all sides; cover with shallots, mushrooms and marinating liquid.

3Cover and simmer over medium heat for 2½ hours. Cool and refrigerate, covered.

4Reheat the next day, uncovered; add 15/100 cream and cook until sauce has thickened.

5Optional ‒ add 1 tbsp apple jelly to taste.

6Bon appétit, my friends.


1 whole rabbit or thighs

1 bottle Omerto Demi-Sec, aged in acacia casks

500 gr dehydrated cèpes de Bordeaux mushrooms

200 gr French shallots

100 gr butter

150 ml 15/100 cooking cream

Salt and pepper to taste


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